Kayak and SUP board rental


We offer rental of single or double kayaks, as well as SUP boards.

We recommend having some previous kayaking experience, and recommend kayaking along the shoreline for both safety and the best experience. We also recommend staying mostly in the shallow and mostly sheltered Esefjord.

The Sognefjord, outside Balestrand, are more prone to wind and waves, and in some places, strong current. There are also more fast moving boats like Rib-boats and express boats you have to be aware of. We only recommend kayaking on your own in the Sognefjord if you are an experienced kayaker or the weather conditions are very good. In any case we recommend mostly kayaking along the shoreline for safety and the best experience.

Multiday trips

Unfortunately we are not able to offer kayak rental for multiday trips.


Morning: 08.150-09.45 (daily)

Afternoon: 13.15-17.00 (daily)

Return of rental kayaks:

Our guide is usually available from 13:15-17:00 in the afternoon.

If the guide will not be available* or return are after 17:00, the guide will give you information about how to return the kayak and equipment.

* Sometimes we schedule an extra guided tour or private tour from 14:00-17:00.


Single kayak (up to 4 hours): 490,- NOK*

Single kayak (up to 8 hours): 790,- NOK*

SUP board (up to 4 hours): 490,- NOK**

SUP board (up to 8 hours): 790,- **

Double kayak (up to 4 hours): 790,- NOK*

Double kayak (up to 8 hours): 1490,- NOK*

*Includes paddle, personal floating device (PFD), sprayskirt and dry bag.

** Includes paddle, personal floating device (PFD), paddle board leash and dry bag.


For booking please contact us by e-mail or telephone:

E-mail: post@kayak-balestrand.no

Phone: +47 90050022 / +47 92232807

You can also contact the tourist information in Balestrand.